dominican-republic-location-mapWater@Work makes a tangible difference for those suffering without safe water by focusing, near term, in one specific area. The Dominican Republic, located on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (along with the country of Haiti), has a desperate need for safe water. Although only 900 miles from the world’s wealthiest nation, the people of the Dominican Republic require bottled or filtered water for drinking, hygiene, and sanitation. Unfortunately, the country’s poor populations do not have access to clean water sources or cannot afford the clean water that is available.


In the absence of national infrastructure for processing and treating water, the poor of the DR are in need of local, scalable filtration systems. Such systems, like those provided by Water@Work, must be affordable and sustainable.

By starting in the DR, Water@Work streamlines its filtration installation process, thereby reducing costs and helping more people.


Millions of people in the DR struggle in extreme poverty. Additionally, it is estimated that 2 million or more Haitian immigrants have moved to the DR and live in deplorable conditions. Because of their undocumented status, they are known as the “invisible poor.”

Because of that situation, the Haitian villages (or “bateys”) were selected as a primary area of focus. Water@Work is implementing a model that is replicable to other areas within the DR and in other countries throughout the developing world.