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WaSH Bottles are fun way to educate on good hygiene, enable children to attend school, and evangelize.

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The Water@Work WaSH Bottle Campaign makes a perfect service project for your

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If you want to help children in a real, lasting way that can potentially save their lives from life-threatening disease, while at the same time blessing them with a little happiness in a difficult time and place, then this Campaign is perfect for you!

Campaign Description: A WaSH Bottle is a sturdy bottle that can withstand the rigors of the developing world. It features a screw on lid for easy filling by parents from five-gallon jugs of purified water, and a second screw opening for children to drink from without contaminating the clean water inside. The contents include a coloring page that educates on proper hand washing, body washing and tooth brushing, crayons, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo, and some candy (yes, we acknowledge the irony but the children we serve rarely get joy from something as simple as chewing bubble gum).

Campaign Purpose: WaSH programs are intended to teach children the importance of simple, good health practices that improve their chances of not contracting waterborne disease, the number one killer of children worldwide. The Water@Work WaSH model incorporates fun activities into learning that maximizes the attention and practice by the children.

How You Can Help: Go to your network and collect donations of $20 per WaSH Bottle, and then simply send the total of all donations to Water@Work. We will source all the contents, assemble the bottles, and ship them for distribution by Water@Work to children in the poorest communities of the Dominican Republic. Please be sure to contact us if you can donate any of the WaSH Bottle contents or would like to assemble the bottles as an additional service project.

WaSH bottle

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