Water@Work Vision Trips 2017

Will They Care If They Don’t Know?… Will They Know If They Don’t Go?

What are Water@Work Vision Trips?

They are different from the Mission Trips sponsored by Water@Work. The group is smaller, typically 4-6 people and shorter 4-5 days. These trips to the Dominican Republic are designed to be enlightening, engaging and inviting. The group is accompanied by a key leader from Water@Work Ministry and supported by a Fundicion representative (our In-country organization).

What is the purpose of Vision Trips?

The purpose of the trip is to allow you get to know the heartbeat, and passion, of the beautiful people of D.R. In addition to the personal experiences, you also get a high-level view of our organizational impact within the communities we serve. Our trips are designed to celebrate the entire Dominican cultures and provide a greater understanding of the unique challenges faced by the Batey system and the poor barrios.

Who is a candidate for Vision Trips?

Water@Work offers Vision Trip opportunities pastors, lay leaders, missions committee members, organizations, individual supporters, business people, and families who want to make a difference by being an engaged partner with us in impacting the lives of the poorest communities with clean water, the Gospel, and business incubation. That engagement can take the form of praying, telling people about the ministry, fundraising, or encouraging others to go. Ultimately, a Vision Trip participant would be one who has a desire to draw on their influence, network, insight and resources to help promote the vision of Water@Work.

What can I expect?

You will stay in comfortable lodging and experience the local culture, food, and attractions. Your days will be filled with excursions, interviews, hands-on experiences and life-changing encounters as you share our passion for serving and loving the people in the DR. These trips are designed to challenge you to a deeper level of commitment in your own walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

What if I have a desire to go, but don’t have the funds?

You may raise funds to go toward your trip cost. Donors may send gifts directly to Water@Work Ministry as a result of your appeal. Water@Work Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible based on the policies and procedures detailed at www.wateratworkministry.org/policies.

For more information regarding Vision Trips, please contact Jacquelyn Kimble.


Trip Dates: Annual dates are posted on the ministry calendar. If these dates are full or none of these dates fit your schedule, you may request a date at least nine months out, but no guarantees

Trip Cost: Each person is responsible for booking and paying for their own airfare and associated entry and exit fees. The cost for accommodations, meals, ground transportation, and other activities is about $500 – $750.

How long is the trip? 4-5 days and 3-4 nights.

Who leads the trips? An Executive Team member. Usually, this will be Erven Kimble, Tom Flaim or designee.

Do I need vaccinations? Typically no but, consult with your doctor for the most up to date medical information.

Where will we go? Each trip varies but usually, you will visit Santo Domingo Old Town, several local churches with Water Plants, typical Batey, Bani Fundacion headquarters, restaurants with the native cuisine, and other cultural experiences.

What will we be doing? Each trip varies, but usually experiencing the culture, and exploring the mission of Water@Work from an in-country prospective.