Sustaining Water Program

The developing world is full of broken-down water systems. They were installed with the best of intentions, but without a means for sustaining them. 

To address this problem, Water@Work has developed a sustainable solution.

Sustainable Model

In exchange for the Community Water Plant (CWP), the local church contractually agrees to sell the clean water and set aside a designated amount from the proceeds every month. The clean water is sold to the community at a heavily discounted rate. By doing that:

  • the clean water is affordable
  • dignity is exchanged, instead of a hand-out
  • funds are saved for maintenance and repairs
  • additional funds are generated for ministry or community projects

Continued Partnership

In addition, our sister organization, Fundación Water Work (FWW), continues to invest in the CWP and the community. Through the Sustaining Waters Program, our local staff provides ongoing mentoring, technical maintenance, water-testing, government compliance assistance, and metrics reporting.

Fundación Water Work staff also provides individual communities with support in possible expansion to secondary markets (distribution beyond the community) and secondary products (such as detergents and juices made from purified water).

For Water@Work, sustainability is only the first goal. We want to continue to pour into communities so their clean water programs will be fully empowered and transformational.

Dan Blevins

Support Our Sustainability Program

Your support of our Sustainability Program helps us to maintain the in-country field staff, vehicles, and infrastructure needed to support the ongoing needs of the water plants.