Our largest supporters in this clean water program are U.S.-based churches. They often commit themselves to 'partnership' with Dominican churches, helping to provide the funding for a community water plant and providing mission teams to help complete the project. This creates an ongoing relationship with the local, DR minister and community, allowing for ongoing work with community development and evangelism.

If you are considering a partner program for your church, school or organization, we have downloadable information below. And if you need to speak with someone immediately, please contact Donna Bearden at dbearden@wateratworkministry.org. ​



This 4-page, digital brochure helps to tell the story of how Water@Work Ministry is supporting evangelism within the communities that have Clean Water Plants. Download and distribute this document to your
entire missions team. (in pdf format)



This 2-page, digital brochure illustrates with statistics the water crisis that our world faces. Download and distribute this document to help your church members understand just how critical the need for clean water is.
(in pdf format)