We empower the local church by helping them establish a sustainable, profitable business in the production, sale and distribution of clean, safe water. The economic benefit of this business allows the church to truly be the church to their community – a group of passionate disciples of Jesus Christ who love their neighbors and compassionately advance the kingdom of God.


Working through our Dominican arm, Fundacion Water@Work, we identify impoverished communities where clean water is either unavailable or expensive to buy. We partner with a church in that community or somewhere nearby to build a water purification plant. Our Dominican team installs state-of-the-art technology for water purification and ensures the plant gains certification through the department of Public Health. We provide a vehicle for distribution of the water to give the church the ability to reach the surrounding communities with the clean water at affordable prices. Profits from the water business empower the church to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and reach out in compassionate ways to those communities served with the clean water.



Our water purification approach employs the best technology available in the Dominican Republic for the production of clean, safe water. Our water exhibits all of the desired product characteristics required by the consumer market. Our plants meet all government regulations and are certified by the Ministry of Public Health to bottle and sell water to the public. Our seven-step process includes chlorination, filtration, carbon absorption, water softening, reverse osmosis, ultra-violet light irradiation, and ozonation. Most of our water treatment equipment and media is purchased locally in the Dominican Republic from reputable companies, thereby generating a positive economic impact as we perform our mission.


Stories abound about the health and social benefits that have accompanied our water plants but our aim has been, and continues to be, the creation of sustainable, small businesses owned by the local church. Sustainability is reached when the water business can pay all of its expenses, provide for maintenance and future repairs, pay the employees a fair wage, and return enough profit to the church to make it worth the time and effort invested. We are currently making improvements to our water plants to boost production volume as much as three-fold and add distribution vehicles at those plants where they are lacking. Sustainability for our water plants means producing sufficient volume and employing a vehicle to carry the bottled water to the people. Because we sell water below market prices, (typically around 50% below market) to ensure that those people with limited resources can afford our water, moving a sufficient volume of water is essential to reaching sustainability.