Start a Mosquito Disease Control Campaign

All Donations from this Campaign Will be Used to Eliminate or Greatly Reduce Mosquitos, Flies and Disease in the Poor Rural Communities of the Dominican Republic

Campaign Description: The Mosquito Disease Control Campaign has been designed to further the mission of Water@Work and mitigate waterborne disease in the poor rural communities of the Dominican Republic. Mosquitos transmit many diseases and breed in local water. Donations from this Campaign will buy the technology that can completely eliminate or greatly reduce this type of waterborne disease. Water@Work then distributes the devices throughout the community at large and educates local residents on waterborne disease control.

Campaign Purpose: There is a difference in mosquitos. The pictures to the right are mosquitos associated with transmitting the Zika virus and malaria. Water@Work has partnered with a leading-edge technology to very inexpensively control all mosquito types and flies in the communities where we serve. The technology utilizes color and a natural solution that combine to attract all mosquito types, and then kill them via a highly effective killing agent.

Who’s a Good Fit for this Campaign: This Campaign makes a perfect service project for your Rotary Chapter, Corporation, Small Group, Sunday School Class, Scouting Troop, Fraternity, Sorority or school group. Mosquitos bring disease and death to many in the developing world. You can be the change agent that utilizes this simple, yet highly effective device that uses empty discarded trash water bottles to protect expectant mothers, the elderly and children from the ravages of malaria and Zika.

How YOU Can Help: Go to your network and collect donations of $20 for a five-pack that will protect several families for an entire year. Then simply send the total of all donations to Water@Work and we will source the devices, ship, and distribute them to the poorest communities of the Dominican Republic.

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