Top Photo: Juan on the right (in dark blue shirt), standing with Nino Reyes of Water@Work/Fundación WaterWork team.

Juan grew up hearing about Christ from his friends. They would ask him “When are you going to accept Jesus?” “Later,” he would answer. His mother would ask him to come to church and he would brush the invitations off like dust, never truly comprehending what was the significance of a Savior.

Children of San Rafael

Three years ago, on a whim, Juan finally attended church with his cousin, who was also not a Christian. During the service, the pastor looked directly at his cousin and asked: “Do you want Jesus?” His cousin replied, “No, I do not.” Then, the pastor turned to Juan and asked: “Do you want Jesus?” And without truly understanding what was being offered to him, he said, “Yes.”

Juan ran out of the church that night, leaving behind his cousin and all of his friends. He wondered, “How am I going to change my life now that I’ve accepted Christ? How do I live as a Christian?” He ran all the way to his home to tell his mother what had happened; she was overjoyed.

What he didn’t realize at the time, he said, was that he was convicted by the Holy Spirit. The spirit of God had allowed him to clearly see his sin in order to come to Jesus.

That night, 30 people came to Christ. However, today, three years later, Juan is the only left who hasn’t strayed. He continues to walk, run--and even dance--with the Lord.

He feels a special call to minister to the children of San Rafael, his hometown, and has often preached at the local church, inviting youth to follow his lead and accepted the life-changing gift of a Savior.

Juan tells us this as we stand outside of his community water plant. We didn’t come here to find him; he found us. We didn’t come looking to be overwhelmed by the power of God, but he gave us that gift anyway.

When Juan is done telling his story, he invites us to pray with him, bestowing blessings upon our team and that has been done is his village, and reminding us of the hidden gems of all the churches incorporated with Water@Work. God is at work just alive here as anywhere else, maybe even more so.

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