Global Outreach Day in a Place of Redemption

By Lauren Borders (Communications Intern)

For years, in the village of San Joaquin, a discoteca existed right next door to the community church. And for years, boys and girls walked by a place of underage prostitution on the way to Bible school and tried hard to sleep at night while music played and intoxicated dancers spilled out into the street. Owned by a local Voodoo witchdoctor, the atmosphere of the building hung heavy with despair and evil, as if God had given up on this corner of the world. I know because I’ve been there, and I’ve shivered at its figurative darkness. But, of course, God had not given up.


Pastor Alejandro with his family and Water@Work Evangelism Missionaries, Gary and Paty Jones

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
John 1:5

In time, the pastor of the church, Pastor Alejandro, saved enough money to buy the discoteca. He never again had to kick aside a beer bottle on the way to church or see one of the church’s children wander around it’s entrance. Around this same time, Water@Work and its generous supporters donated and built a Community Water Plant for Pastor Alejandro’s church and community. Today, not only is Clean Water distributed in San Joaquin, but the women in the village manufacture and sell soaps and shampoos made from the clean water in the newly purchased buildings. God shone in the darkness and San Joaquin is now a place of redemption.

On May 28, 2016, God showed that He was not done with this whole “redeeming” business, and the village celebrated Global Outreach Day for the first time. Supported by the Water@Work team, Pastor Alejandro’s congregation, along with several other congregations in the area, joined joined 200 other nations in spreading the Word of God. They distributed free water bottles of clean drinking water from their community water plant, “Agua Alvy.” They used the water to wash girls’ hair, and they shaved boys’ heads. And most importantly, they talked to them about God.

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Clean Water bottled from the Aqua Alvy Community Water Plant for Global Outreach Day

On that day, 16 people came to accept Christ. Sixteen. 16 different people now have faith in their own personal advocate, their own guardian, their own redeemer. Faith in their own personal light in the darkness. Last Saturday, San Joaquin employed a holistic response to the water crisis in the Dominican Republic.

Five years ago, this place was very different. There was a nightclub next to a church. People bought water at prices they couldn’t afford, or more often than not, went without clean water altogether. But God didn’t abandon them then, and He continues to lead them now.

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I think my mind would just explode if I tried to comprehend the plans that God has for us. Plans to guide us out of where we are into some place much, much better. Plans to bring people together from over 200 nations. Plans to bring Water@Work to San Joaquin. Wherever we go and whatever our trials, He is there. In the Dominican drought and working through the water from Agua Alvy.