Illuminate the World!

All Donations from this Campaign Will be Used to Make Light from Dark In the Poor Rural Communities of the Dominican Republic

Campaign Description: In the poor rural communities of the Dominican Republic, the night brings near total blackness devoid of any light but the moon and stars. Children must stop studying or reading. Women or anyone walking outside their hut are subject to personal assaults and physical harm. The purpose of this Campaign is to provide a very simple solar powered light that can address both scenarios and function well in this challenging environment.

The Freedom Light: This versatile light produces enough illumination through its ten high power LEDs to fill up a typical one to two room village home. Its third-generation solar photovoltaic power source can provide up to seven hours of light from just a single 3-hour charge in the sun. Made from PVC plastics, it is durable and waterproof. Simply hanging it from a tree limb every day will provide light every night, and at only 3 oz. any age child can carry it.

Who’s a Good Fit for This Campaign: This Campaign makes a perfect service project for your Rotary Chapter, Corporation, Small Group, Sunday School Class, Scouting Troop, Fraternity, Sorority or school group. Thankfully, we do not need to limit our lives to when the sun is out. But everyone knows the fear of being alone in the dark or can imagine the stunted development caused by not being able to read or study in the evenings. The simple act of supplying a personal solar light will change a life forever.

How Can Help: Go to your network and collect donations of $20 for each Freedom Light that will serve a local family for many years. Then simply send the total of all donations to Water@Work and we will source the Lights, ship, and distribute them to the poorest communities of the Dominican Republic.


If you feel led to be a Freedom Light Campaign Leader, please fill out this form to receive more information and promotional resources.