Our Board of Directors

The primary legal purpose of the Water@Work Board of Directors is the governance of the organization. However, that is not the most important function of our Board.

The primary overall mission of the Board of Directors is to be a spiritual body that seeks the Lord through prayer.

Our goal is to take all major decisions for the organization to God and to wait for and listen to His direction and guidance.

Although the Board of Directors takes ultimate responsibility for the necessary “business” requirements for running a God-honoring organization, we are wary of “operating out of the flesh” and making decisions from our own wills and abilities. Therefore, you will find that much of our meetings resemble a prayer meeting instead of a business meeting.

In addition, as God directs, the Board strives to be a support and encouragement for the servants of the organization who are daily giving their time, talents, and treasure to further the Gospel and Clean Water in the Dominican Republic.

We covet your prayers for the Board of Directors and Water@Work as a whole.

The 2017 Board of Directors

Tim Fenbert, Chairman

Patrick Borders

Charlie Gray

Larry Green

Kevin McAdams