Providing Clean Water with God’s Help and Some Mechanical Expertise

The work of bringing clean water to the under served areas of the Dominican Republic is never ending work… but quite rewarding mission work. The healthy smiles of the community members, especially the children, make it all worthwhile.

Trying to make sure that the power sources are able to support the water purification systems can be one of the biggest challenges. And it becomes one of the ongoing jobs. And as our onsite intern Gary Jones reports, “The power is never working here [in the bateys].”

powering the water system
Trying to power the water system with the car battery!

Once the power is set up the final touches can go into turning on a new source of clean water for another community! It can only happen with the tireless efforts of the team in the Dominican Republic and the support of those here in the U.S. that give of their time, talents and financial support.

new water filtration system
Putting the ‘finishing touches’ on the new water system in Villa Hermosa!

Learn how you can help bring clean water to these communities.

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