Meet One of our Water@Work Team – Gary Jones

Gary Jones reporting in from the Dominican Republic –

Gary Jones
Gary Jones in one of his rare, relaxing moments

Gary Jones is the ‘non-stop’ intern working in the Dominican Republic for Water@Work. Over the recent weeks, he has been spending almost everyday in Batey 7 and 9, helping the clinic to organize all of their medical donations; working with some people in Batey 7 on an agriculture project so that they can grow their own food; and visiting a couple other bateys with existing clean water systems.

In batey Alta Gracia, Gary reports that the people just don’t like the taste of the water so they are only using it for bathing right now. Even though they are only using the clean water to bathe, it is still helpful because it improves hygiene. Many people bathe in really dirty streams that flow through the bateys (see pic below). In this next month, a reverse osmosis system will be added in Alta Gracia so that the people will enjoy the taste more. “I am noticing more and more here how much people value relationships and talking.”, Gary states. “Even when we just visit a water system, the people seem thankful for the fact that we haven’t forgot about them and that we are keeping up with them.”

Gary asks in his latest posts for these communities (bateys) to remain on everyone’s prayer list. He goes on to add, “I forget so often that Christ has given us an amazing gift; that we are justified by believing in Him and not by works. That we can truly rest in the fact that “Jesus paid it all, (and) all to him I owe.” We don’t have to try to impress him by doing more “things” or try harder to get on his good side, because we already are.”

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