“Our mission is to transform the lives of over one million of the poorest people in the Dominican Republic through clean water distribution plants, business incubation and access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

1.1 million people struggle to obtain affordable, clean water in the DR

You can make the difference.


Thanks go to our supporters and partners who are IMPACTING the daily LIVES of over 75,000 of the poorest people in the Dominican Republic, including women and children, with access to Clean Water, the Gospel of Christ, and business development!

freedom lights

Build a Campaign or donate to bring evening safety and an ability to study at night with our solar Freedom Lamps!

wash bottles
WaSH Bottles are fun way to educate on good hygiene and evangelize. Build a Campaign or donate now!
mosquito netting malaria
Eliminate Malaria and Zika by eliminating the mosquitoes. Build a Campaign or donate now!
golf tournament
Organize a golf outing to support Water@Work, or sign up to receive news to join or sponsor an upcoming event.
mission trips
Mission trips connect you with those that you serve.
clean water
Every $20 gives one more person access to clean water.

Join Us!

We invite our supporters to join us on a scheduled Mission or Vision Trip to experience a once in a lifetime event by visiting an actual site, meeting real people whose lives have been transformed by access to clean water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.